You asked for it. 

You all complained that my Facebook posts were way too long and yeah…..you were right. So instead of procrastinating, (which I’m really good at, btw) and typing stuff over there while my breakfast gets cold….here we are! Where I will type while my breakfast still gets cold. And I pretend to hear everything my husband is saying while I…..just…..finish……this……sentence……
I promise that I will do my best to channel the (living) spirit of Henry Rollins (-and try not to embarrass, insult or offend him for doing so - my apologies in advance, sir.), try to manifest the sass of Fran Leibowitz (it’s ok if you don’t know who that is, not many people under 60 do, unless you’re a sour nerd like me) and….well…..can’t really think of any occult writers who inspire me….(C’Maaaahhhhhnnn! Just admit it, Crowley was boring as fuck and who the hell wants to have to consult a Thesaurus and a dictionary of Victorian/Edwardian prose just to get through the goddamned table of contents? Like…..seriously?  Who ARE you?)
So here I will go. Good luck. Have fun. And please…..let’s keep this between us, OK? 

You really wanna go there?

Mayhem, Magick and Madness

The Musings of a Magickal Madwoman

Mindful Conjuring Coming Soon! (I have NO idea what that shit below is about. But it’s not my stuff.) 


Wix made me do it….

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